With Mental Health problems on the increase, and with more and more sick days being taken due to stress, there is now an UNDENIABLE need to address  ‘well-being’ in Education.

No matter where you are in your commitment to well-being, there is something here to suit your needs.


Choose from:

1. Assembly Talks and Student Workshops

Choose from a selection of assembly talks or  half day student workshops designed to raise awareness and begin the conversations on hot topics such as:

• mental health
• gender equality
• sexuality
• sexual consent
• emotional resilience
• body awareness and posture
• unwinding workshop
• gong bath
• and more…

Cost: £50 per 30 min talk
£200 per 3 hour workshop

2. Teacher Inset Day Training

These training courses are designed to focus on the strategic development of workplace well-being.

Choose form three options:

• head teacher’s well-being strategy day
• coaching tools for teachers
• stress and emotional resilience
• team building and personality profiling
• mental health awareness day

Cost: £350 per day

3. Teacher Well-being days

The pressure is on for schools and colleges to address ‘workload’ and ensure that their teachers don’t burn out. Well-being days are vital to the sustainability of teaching and provides an opportunity for relaxation, restoration and mindfulness.

The day will include:

• yoga session to open the day
• problem solving and strategising for new ways of working
• healthy food for lunch
• unwinding workshop to relieve stress
• gong bath to close the day

Cost: £450 per day