During a coaching session Jessica will help to release any stuck emotions, uncover destructive thought patterns and re-programme unhelpful behaviours, allowing your new positive energy to flow and make the changes needed.


One-to-one Coaching

Coaching provides a positive framework which supports staff to unlock their potential whether they are an under
performer or high achiever. Staff gain a sense of empowerment and motivation through setting achievable
goals and deadlines.

By becoming more self-aware, staff build confidence, which enables them to establish stronger relationships.
and contribute more effectively to their team,

Target Audience: All Staff

Cost: £120-£240 per 1 hour session (min 4 in a day)

Coaching and Coffee Drop-in Service 

An on-site drop-in service where Jess will be in attendance for the day and staff can ‘drop-in’ as they feel they need to, or schedule an appointment.      The time is flexible to suit the needs of the individual (20 min to 2 hours max) and the service is available either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Target Audience: All Staff

Cost: £800-£1000 for the day


Who can benefit from Wellness Coaching?

In a single word: anyone!

Wellness Coaching can help with a range of problems, including:

  • Overcoming fear, anxiety or self-doubt
  • Restoring a sense of peace and contentment
  • Breaking free of negative cycles
  • Recognising feedback instead of failure
  • Clarifying your career path and preparing people for promotions
  • supporting high achievers and well and under performers
  • Understanding and creating well-balanced relationships