Jessica Bentley

Jessica Bentley’s background is within Health and Social Care and she has gained more than 15 years experience in the Learning & Development and Coaching field.

She is passionate about personal development and soul growth.  She empowers people to evolve and be the best version of themselves.   Jessica works with both individuals and organisations, and both adults and children to unlock their potential, raise their awareness of themselves and set the wheels in motion to grow and strive.

Jessica is also an activist for women’s rights, equality and diversity,  gender equality and LGBT movements.

It’s safe to say you are in good hands when you choose to work with Jessica.  She has a wealth of connections and promises that if she can’t support you, then she will help to find you the right person.



 Work Achievements  

Jessica never stops studying and believes in life-long learning.  Her thirst for knowledge has led her to study the following topics:

  • Learning & Development NVQ 4
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Trainer
  • Child Psychology Diploma
  • Career Coaching Diploma
  • Hypnotherapy Diploma
  • Reiki 2 Practitioner
  • Past Life Regression Diploma



We’ve changed, haven’t we?

We’ve come a long way from old sexist and fascist views,

We’ve made lots of changes, you can see in the news,

We’ve stood up to racism and discrimination too,

We’ve accepted all those of colour, and those less able than you,

We’ve changed our laws and taught our kids,

What was once before, is now forbid.

We’ve spoken out on streets and online forums,

We’ve rallied and protested with good will and decorum,

We’ve called out and challenged all their opinions,

We’ve got support groups and networks to break free of dominion.

But you are a fool to think we’re done, as the battle were fighting is yet to be won…

The problem today is its harder to see, the issues we have to just let people be,

So listen close as I spell it out, there’s still work to be done, without a doubt.

We’ve got mental health on the incline, and suicide rates rise,

Not to mention eating disorders of all types, and addictions are rife.

We’ve got fear mongering media and power-hungry leaders,

Telling people what to think so hate comes through the breeders

We’ve got people trying to be strong,

Ignoring true emotions as they are so wrong.

We’ve got hate and assault towards different communities,

I ask myself daily, where’s the unity?

We’ve got rape, domestic violence, and arranged marriages in families,

If you can’t be safe there, then where, we assume it only happens down dark alleys.

We’ve got girls who must wear skirts, and boys who must have short hair

And don’t forget pink for a girl, and blue for a boy, I cry with despair

We have gender pay gaps, and not enough women in senior roles,

We’ve got dads not taking paternity leave as the system is full of holes.

We’ve got kids who can’t cope with a changing world,

As the adults don’t see that the old ways need to be hurled.

We’ve got a society that thinks we’ve moved on, that the problem is solved,

and that their responsibilities for change are now dissolved.

I salute the brave souls who have stood together throughout history to create change,

to those who have pushed the boundaries and didn’t conform with the deranged.

But we can’t stop now, were only half way there,

Acceptance is our goal, for us all to feel whole, only then will we be free from a world under control.

Jessica Bentley. 2018