Our Mission

We are wonderfully diverse human beings. Each and every one of us has something unique to share with the world. But the truth is, not everyone has an equal opportunity and many people feel isolated and disconnected. At Enlight Minds, we specialise in helping people to live authentic, full and happy lives with a focus on positive mental health, increased confidence and acceptance. We support organisations to embrace a culture of diversity, equality and wellbeing – so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


We are passionate about creating a fairer society where people can make the most of their lives and their talents, and where no one is treated unfairly because of who they are. We provide coaching and training to promote and embed equality across all aspects of life and work, including supporting organisations to meet their obligations under the Equality Act 2010.


Diversity is about respecting how different we all are and valuing the contributions everyone can make. We help people to embrace their diversity and live their lives with confidence. We work with schools and organisations to unlock the full potential of their people, which in turn drives greater creativity, innovation and productivity.

Mental Health

Positive mental health is the bedrock of our approach. We support people with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression and equip people to deal with everyday pressures such as work, finances, or difficult relationships. Through the promotion of wellbeing in schools and organisations, we help to build resilience, confidence and teamwork to create a thriving environment and workforce.

What our clients say



Training Delegate

Jess is a great teacher and facilitator. The course was very detailed and I learnt a lot on how to communicate, be in rapport with someone and some valuable coaching tools. I would recommend this course to others



Mum of teen

Jess has been working with my daughter (who has HFA and anxiety) for a while now and the results we have seen are very positive! Jess has taught my daughter new strategies to deal with day to day life. She always looks forward to seeing her and says 'Jess is amazing'!



Training delegate

I really enjoyed this training and found Jess to be an excellent trainer. She is so knowledgeable and clearly answered all questions and provided so many useful tips and food for thought


"Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter" Martin Luther King

Poem about change

We’ve changed, haven’t we? We’ve come a long way from old sexist and fascist views, We’ve made lots of changes, you can see in the news, We’ve stood up to racism and discrimination too, We’ve Read more…

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